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Everyday that we are open we serve the homeless in our community.  Some are young, some are married, some are pregnant (yes pregnant), some are families.  They are people, real people, with needs and feelings like you and I.  They need a friend and they have one here at Living Hope.

You may not be able to be there, but you can give and resource us to help them.  Please consider being a resource for Living Hope by giving, serving, praying, advocating.  If you can write a grant we sure could use your help in that way also.


From our Daily Coordinator Michelle Michel on Thursday October 17th 2019

We have so many homeless looking for snack bags. We ran out and didn't have any to offer because we gave them all away Monday.
• Would like to make up some more snack bags & need the following items donated so we can make them up:
• Individual peanut butter packets
• Small cans Vienna sausage
• Small cans of Potted Meat
• Individual fruit cups or applesauce cups
• Small cans of tuna
• We have crackers and granola bars.
Drop donations off at Living Hope Monday, or Tuesday from 10am - 1pm or you can make a cash donation online and we will buy the supplies on your behalf


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