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We are so very thankful for the Game Changer Grant from Wired Ministries.

With that grant, we completed phase one in our 108 year old Southern Charm House.  Our wrap around veranda is so vitally important to our vision of creating community for our clients, providing a safe place to get a coffee, meal, prayer and just an ear from a compassionate heart to listen.  SO MUCH ministry happens on that porch!

Our porch was shaky, soft in spots, and some of the boards were splitting.

Praise God! We completed phase one of our Game Changer project.  It was a big job but its now finished.


Here are some photos.  Keep scrolling to the right as there are 5 pics. The green board are the old ones, the brown are the new. I want you to see our contractor added additional joists -- the original joists were spaced 4 foot wide,  but now its 2 foot wide joists.  This has made a huge different.


Next you will see we used composite flooring.  No painting, no rotting, much much stronger, and when you walk on it all you feel is solid footing.


Come visit and have a walk on our deck. Thank you Mark and Susan Anderson, Wired Ministry, and Game Changers Board.   What a blessing you are!

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